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Reginox is a world-renowned kitchen sink manufacturer that has made a name for itself by creating stylish and durable sinks. So, we are always happy to add new products from this company to our vast range of kitchen appliances. This week, we have something a little different from Reginox; instead of adding more of the brand’s trademark sinks, we now have Reginox waste disposals in stock. Here is an overview of the special features offered by these innovative appliances:

Large Grind Chambers
The Reginox RD70 and RD100I are two new products that have extra-large grind chambers. This means that they can fit more waste than the average disposal, and will need emptying much less often. As such, it is ideal for large families or in student housing. 

The Reginox RD55 and RD50 are two Reginox waste disposals that use the Bio Shield Antibacterial protection. This innovative technology uses an antimicrobial agent to keep your waste disposal clean. It keep your kitchen free of odours, and stops your waste disposal from developing any sort of mold. 

Sound Shell
Sound Shell technology is at work in all of the new Reginox waste disposals that we’ve added to our site this week. It keeps noises to a minimum, so you don’t have to shout to have a conversation when your waste disposal is running.

Since, noise is one of the main reasons that many homeowners choose to forego installing a waste disposal in their homes, manufacturers have been working hard to devise technology that addresses this issue. Reginox’s Sound Shell is successful in its goal to hush the usually obnoxious sound of waste disposals.


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