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The European Union has recently passed a new energy-saving initiative that will require kitchen appliance retailers to sell only energy-efficient products. The new legislation, which will force manufacturers to improve the design of their kitchen appliances, has been backed by the majority of British homeowners.


What This Means For Homeowners
Homeowners across the UK and the rest of Europe who make the switch to energy-efficient appliances can expect to see significant savings on their energy bills over time. According to an EU Analysis, an electric oven that meets the EU’s new standards could save homeowners £172 over the lifetime of the product. A gas oven that meets these standards could save £135. By the year 2030, the new regulations will save British households £1.1 billion on their household bills.

What This Means For The Environment

The new regulations will not just ensure savings at an individual level; they will also benefit the environment as a whole. From the year 2020, they will reduce CO2 emissions by 1 million tonnes per year and reduce the EU’s energy needs by 5 million barrels of fuel.

What This Means For Manufacturers
To meet the new regulations, kitchen appliance manufacturers that will be required to boost their energy-efficiency standards. For example, inefficient ovens will be redesigned with improved insulation to maintain heat.

What Do Homeowners Have to Say?
British homeowners have expressed support for the new measures. A recent survey showed that 87% of homeowners are in support of regulations with 59% stating that they do not mind spending a little more money for more energy efficient applications. Energy usage in the UK has been on the decline since 2013, as local homeowners continue to do their part for the environment.

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