New Interactive Service for Bosch

Posted by Ship It Appliances Ltd on 30th Aug 2014

Large kitchen appliance brands like Bosch offer up hundreds of products and even more variations. As such, shopping for appliances online can be a quite a complex task – and, Bosch aims to make the process much easier by partnering with Artificial Solutions to create an interactive new customer service system.

Artificial Solutions is a natural language interaction specialist (NLI), which allows users to interact with technology in a personal manner. Just imagine Siri for the iPhone – but for any other type of technology.

Bosch Home Appliances will be using Artificial Solutions Teneo™ platform in the development of its intelligent online service assistant. The major benefit of this new syste is that it will eliminate the need for FAQs. You will no longer have to spend ages search through documents to find out what could be wrong with your appliance and how to deal with the issue. Customers will be able to easily access troubleshooting information on their kitchen appliances by interacting with the online service assistant.

Artificial Solutions uses the example of the phrase “Where can I find it?” When interacting with a computer, this type of question is not easily processed. There is no context, and the computer does not know what “it” is. However, with the NLI technology, the online assistant will be able to infer what you mean based on your previous interactions. It will be just like speaking to a customer service agent over real-time chat.

“Many common problems with consumer goods can be resolved easily by the customer themselves with a little advice from the experts,” says Peter Roost, COO of Artificial Solutions. “Teneo helps organisations maintain a personal, yet automated, service by delivering fast and easy access to relevant information in a friendly conversational style anytime of the day or night”.

The new service will also eliminate the need for many home repairs. It will be easier to customers to locate and rectify the problem, so that they can get back to using their appliance right away. This sounds like a great solution for Bosch home appliance owners. We can’t wait to give it a try when Teneo™ is released.

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