New Razor and Linus Sinks from Astracast

Posted by Ship It Appliances Ltd on 8th May 2014

Astracast has released two new ranges of sinks: Linus and Razor. While Linus sinks feature a classic design, Razor sinks boast more of a contemporary feel. As such, the new ranges will satisfy the tastes of various households.

The new Linus range is available in two models: Linus 1.5B and Linus 1.0B. The range is designed to be universally complementary, so that it can suit any type of kitchen space. With a polished stainless steel finish, Linus sinks will look great in kitchens with a classic look or a modern look.

Astracast’s Linus sinks feature a space-saving design. With a deep bowl, the sinks have a large capacity of 22.5L but they do not take up a great deal of counter space. As such, they are great for smaller kitchens. The Linus 1.5B model comes with a half bowl, which can be used for prep or a food waste disposal unit.

Astracast Linus Sink

The new Razor sinks range from Astracast is more suited to modern kitchens. As the name suggests, Astracast Razor sinks feature sharp, angular designs. The bowl in the Razor 1.0B Rok is shaped like a pentagon and the bowls in the Razor 1.5B Rok are shaped like hexagons. These ultramodern designs are best suited for contemporary kitchens, and they are available in Volcano Black and Sahara Beige finishes.

Both sinks in Astracast’s Razor range feature a deep central channel on the main work surface. This allows for water the drain efficiently and ensures that the sink dries quickly. Razor sinks from Astracast can also be equipped with a sleek glass cutting board and other modern accessories.

Astracast Razor Sink

If enither of these new ranges suit your particular style, Ship It Appliances stocks a wide range of Astracast sinks in various finishes and designs. Visit our Astracast page to browse our range.

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