New Smart Kitchen Appliances Debut

Posted by Ship It Appliances Ltd on 29th Apr 2014

Over the course of the past year, we have seen the launch of many new smart kitchen appliances from companies like Hotpoint, Samsung and Bosch. Now, manufacturers in the Eastern market are getting on board with the trend, as China’s Canton Fair has seen the debut of several new ‘smart home’ products.

These new smart home appliances are products that can be controlled digitally. Users will be able to use their mobile phones and computers to operate the devices, without having to actually enter the kitchen. This means that homeowners can even control their kitchen appliances while they are out and about.

It is a huge trend in the Western market, and it certainly seems to be taking off in Asia, as well. At this year’s Canton Fair, about half of the products exhibited are smart appliances.

One of the companies that debuted its new smart appliances is Haier, which premiered its Smart Kitchen range. This kitchen appliance collect can be controlled via smart phone, and all of its products can be linked together digitally. It includes a range cooker hood, disinfection cabinet, electric oven and gas cooker – all of which can communicate with each other and the homeowner. For example, the system could analyse the weather and suggest appropriate recipes or help to develop a healthy diet plan based on the air quality in the home and the overall health of the user.

Other smart appliances include Chigo’s air conditioner that can automatically report malfunctions to the repair center. Home security is another outlet for smart technology, as Haier’s “Smart Care” system allows homeowners to control and monitor their homes using sensors on windows, doors and electrical sockets.

“We’re working hard to maintain growth despite the tough export environment by making good use of the powerful Internet,” says Zhang Qingfu, vice president of Haier Group.

There is plenty of room for growth in the smart appliances industry, and we can’t wait to see what other companies have to offer. It is an exciting time for the kitchen appliance market, as smart appliances take home technology to a whole new level.

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