New Trend – Black Kitchen Appliances

If there’s one colour that’s guaranteed to never go out of style, it’s black – an adage that applies just as much to interior design as it does to clothing. Where the kitchen is concerned, shining stainless-steel appliances were until recently thought to be the epitome of a stylish and functional kitchen, but a new era has dawned. Showrooms up and down the country are rushing to bedeck their kitchens in sleek, stylish combinations of black, black and more black.

contemporary black kitchen

If you’re considering investing in a black-themed kitchen, then you’ll probably want a selection of black appliances to go with it.

Counters and Cabinets

Counters and cabinets constitute the vast bulk of a kitchen’s visual footprint. If you walk into a kitchen where they’re all red, you’ll have no qualms describing that kitchen as red. The same is true with every colour, including black – if your counters and cabinets aren’t black, then you don’t have a black kitchen.

Black counters can look especially striking, as they provide maximum scope for contrast – try setting a white or steel sink into a black counter, for example. On the other hand, you might want to employ items that blend into, rather than stand out from their surroundings, and thereby create that monolithic effect.

Black Kitchen Appliances

For those unwilling to go to the effort and expense of fitting an entirely new counter, but who are still keen to get some black into their kitchens, there’s a more affordable option – simply complement your existing setup with some carefully-chosen black appliances.

This curved glass cooker hood (pictured below), from CDA, is a great example of how homeowners can jump on the black appliances trend without making major changes to their home.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a more complete cooker solution, you might take a look at this cooker and hood combination. This fully-reversible sink and waste unit from Franke can also help to provide that much-needed splash of black, and it’s a hugely functional sink that’ll perform brilliantly as well as looking the part. Pair it with this chrome-and-black spray spout and you’ll have an easily-maneuverable, convenient means of rinsing vegetables, filling buckets and watering plants.

Of course, larger appliances, like fridges and freezers, will have a greater visual impact on the room. Try investing in a solid black fridge-freezer for maximum effect.

Smaller appliances can also make a difference, helping to break apart a block of cupboards. These black, integrated microwaves, for example, will do exactly that – and they’re powerful and functional, too. You might also consider an integrated, black oven from CDA. These come in a variety of sizes and configurations – so select one that matches your taste, and your kitchen.

Matching Black with other colours

If your existing kitchen contains a lot of wood, then you might be worried about a potential clash between your wooden items and their prospective black partners, but these worries are unfounded – the idea that black and brown don’t go together is a myth. Black goes with everything.

If you’ve got lighter woods installed, the addition of a few black items will help create a contrast.

light wood effect kitchen with black countertops

If on the other hand, you’ve got darker woods on display, then you’ll find black will help to draw these out and amplify subtleties in patterns and shades. You might try experimenting with textiles which incorporate both colours, in order to tie the room together: tortoiseshell, plaid and brocade are all suitable candidates.

The versatility of black is part of what makes it so desirable in interior design. Since it goes with everything, it’s a perfect way to address any headache-inducing mismatches. If your kitchen employs three colours, one of which doesn’t quite work with the others, try swapping the offending shade out for black. You’ll likely find that the resulting colour scheme works a great deal better, as the potential for clashes is much reduced.

Matching Black with Black

One of the problems with selecting matching appliances of any colour scheme is that different manufacturers have different ideas about what exactly constitutes a given colour. You might find that you buy a cream kettle and a cream toaster from different manufacturers, place them next to one another on your counter, and discover that they don’t match.

This problem is, mercifully, less of an issue when it comes to black – as black is a far less ambiguous term than cream, magenta, or turquoise. That said, you might find that certain appliances are markedly blacker than others. You’ll want to consider buying all of your black appliances from the same manufacturer – this way you can be sure that any mismatches will be avoided.

Look for inspiration elsewhere

If you’re thinking of redesigning your kitchen, then you might justifiably be worried about how the finished article will look. You might also be unsure of where exactly to start. As with so many things in life, the best approach is to take a look at the work of an expert. Kitchen designers are always keen to show off how good a kitchen could look, so look for inspiration online and in purpose-built digital communities like Houzz. See what catches your eye, and try and find out what it is about a particular setup that makes it work. Then you need only apply the same thinking to your kitchen in order to produce results that work for you.

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1st Jun 2014 Ship It Appliances Ltd

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