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Stainless steel sinks look good and are affordable. Unfortunately metal kitchen sinks scratch more easily than sinks made from many other materials, such as composite.

So what can you do to prevent scratches on stainless steel sinks?

Be cautious while cleaning

Never use wire cleaning pads on a stainless steel sink. They’re very abrasive and can easily damage the surface of your sink.

It is also advised that you clean your sink every couple of days using only warm water and regular detergent. The longer you wait to clean your sink, the harder you’ll have to work to clean it, and the more likely it is that you’ll damage it.

Watch out for water

After use, dry your stainless steel sink and buff it gently with a cloth. This will help prevent build-up of mineral deposits, so it stays in tip-top condition for longer.

Avoid heat and certain chemicals

Never put hot pots and pans in the sink, as this will damage the steel. Here are some other materials that should never come into contact with a stainless steel sink:

  • S-39 solder flux
  • paint stripping agents
  • brush cleaners
  • metal shavings
  • agents for removing the grouting between tiles and paving
  • agents for unblocking drains
  • silver cleaner
  • adhesives

Consider a washing up bowl

A stainless steel sink can get scratched while cleaning knives and other sharp materials. You can easily avoid this by using a washing up bowl. 

That said, even with a washing up bowl, you should still ensure to clean your sink every day or two.

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