Preview of CounterTop Smart App

Posted by Ship It Appliances Ltd on 7th Apr 2015

Smart innovations are a major trend in today’s kitchens. This week, Orange Chef announced the launch of a new app that will allow iOS users to sync their kitchen appliances up to their smartphones and tablet computers.

From the moment you get started with CounterTop, the app is made aware of your tastes and preferences. You will be prompted to take a survey to gather data on the types of food that you like and dislike, so the app will always recommend meals that you will find delicious. You can also store your own recipes, customising them to suit your tastes.

The application works with kitchen appliances that you likely already own like the VitaMix blender and the Crock Pot slow cooker. It communicates with these appliances to help you create healthy and delicious meals, ultimately making life easier.

It can also be synced with various fitness applications, ensuring that you stick to your diet and exercise plan. It will track your workouts and sleep schedule, so that you’re always eating meals to support your lifestyle. With CounterTop, you can always count on being healthy and energised.

Food logs are some of the most popular nutrition apps in the mobile world. CounterTop will eliminate the need to log your food manually, as it will automatically update your records as your prepare your meals. As such, you don’t have to worry about possibly forgetting to log your meals, making for a more accurate day-to-day view of your eating habits.

Of course, these are all initial claims of the application, and we will have to wait until it is actually realised to see how great CounterTop really is.

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