Researchers Recommend Wine Coolers

Posted by Ship It Appliances Ltd on 29th Sep 2014

If you regularly enjoy a glass of wine with your dinner or you entertain guests on a regular basis, it is a good idea to invest in a wine cooler. It has been scientifically proven! According to researchers in Italy, wine stored in regular conditions at home will not age as well as wine that has been stored in a cellar or a cooler.

Dr Fulvio Mattivi and researchers at the Edmund Mach Foundation have carried out a study to test the different conditions in which wine is stored. While you would normally think that only white wine would benefit from being stored in a wine cooler, this study proves that red wine does so as well. The study took place over the course of two years, as the research team monitored the changes experienced by 500 bottle of Sangiovese as they aged in a domestic storage solution and a proper wine cellar.

Two hundred bottles were stored in wine cellars located at the Mach Foundation. The temperature ranged from 15°C to 17°C and there was 70% humidity. The rest of the bottles were stored in conditions that mimicked domestic storage, such as cupboards. The temperature ranged from 20°C to 27°C, fluctuating with the seasons. The research team then sampled the wine every six months.

The researchers found that the wine stored in the domestic conditions did not age as nicely as the wine that was stored in the cellars. Red wine requires a particular temperature and humidity to foster the ageing process, and kitchen cupboard or counter cannot meet these requirements.

So, if you enjoy drinking wine but your home does not have a wine cellar, consider a wine cooler. At Ship It Appliances, we offer a wide range at affordable prices. While some are designed to fit under counters, others are made thin and tall to stand in tight spaces and corners. They are designed to hold a wide range of bottles, so you can find one that suits your collection. Browse our range of wine coolers.

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