Robot Chefs Coming to Domestic Kitchens

Posted by Ship It Appliances Ltd on 15th Apr 2015

In most science fiction movies and television shows, kitchens are run by robots and machines running on artificial intelligence. While the idea seems farfetched, the technology to make it possible is actually closer than you may think – as ITV reports that robots will be cooking meals in our homes by 2017.

A company called Moley Robotics has launched the prototype of a robot that could forever change how we prepare our meals. The innovation premiered at the International Robotic Show this week, as Moley Robotics demonstrated the impressive capabilities of the ‘Robotic Kitchen’.

Tim Anderson, who won BBC Master Chef in 2011, played an important part in the development of the robot. He prepared and cooked various meals in a motion-capture studio, so that the development team would record his movements. As such, the arms and hands of the robot are able to replicate the way a professional chef cooks.

Users will be able to operate the Robotic Kitchen using a built-in touch screen. It can also be operated remotely from a smart phone app. Meals can be ordered in advance, and there will be 2000 dishes to choose from. It will be possible for owners of the device to have their meals ready for them as soon as they get home. When the device is not being used, it disappears from view.

Moley Robotics will premiere the Robotic Kitchen for consumers in 2017 – and, the company aims for a price point of £10 000. On later versions, it will feature motion capture technology which will allow chefs to record their own meals which can then be replicated by the Robotic Kitchen.

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