Ship It Now Carries Carron Phoenix Sinks

At Ship It Appliances, we understand that UK homeowners have wide-ranging tastes and needs. As such, we are also always adding new brands and ranges to accommodate the diverse landscape of homes across the United Kingdom. Our latest addition is Carron Phoenix, a sink manufacturer that is best known for its high-quality stainless steel sinks.

Carron Phoenix was originally founded in 1759 as the Carron Company, an iron foundry in Falkirk, Scotland. Over the centuries, the company became famous for manufacturing the Carronade cannons that were used at Waterloo. You will actually encounter Carron products on a daily basis, as the company was responsible for making England’s red telephone and post boxes.

Today, Carron Phoenix is part of the Franke corporation, and is well-known for creating high-quality sinks in granite, stainless steel and ceramic. The company’s materials are known for being hard-wearing and robust. Its granite sinks are scratch-proof and stain-resistant while withstanding temperatures up to 280°C. Stainless steel sinks from Carron Phoenix only use premium grade materials and ceramic sinks have a non-porous surface that is resistant to heat and chemicals.

In Carron Phoenix’sselection of sinks, there are over two dozen ranges available. So, you will certainly find the ideal model to suit the look of your kitchen and the needs of your household.

Ship It Appliances is pleased to bring you a wide range of Carron Phoenix sinks. We add new products on a daily basis, so keep any eye out for new ranges. Visit our Carron Phoenix page to browse our selection.

7th Jul 2014 Ship It Appliances Ltd

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