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Ceramic hobs offer several benefits that help food preparation to run as smoothly as possible. Whether you are cooking up an ambitious feast, or whether you just want to make a quick meal, ceramic hobs are an excellent choice because of their effective design. At Ship it Appliances, we offer a selection of ceramic hobs and many kitchen essentials that will enhance the look and feel of your kitchen.


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What are the benefits of ceramic hobs?


  • Improved safety with ceramic hobs: In the kitchen, safety is paramount. With their heavily thought-out features, ceramic hobs provide chefs and those operating in the kitchen with a number of vital safety mechanisms. Unlike some gas cookers, ceramic hobs do not release potentially hazardous chemicals into the air; instead, heating up the hop is much more controlled practice. Crucially, electronic stoves are much more resilient against oil and water spillages.
  • User friendly: Additionally, ceramic hobs adopt a much more user-friendly interface, meaning that they pose a lower likelihood of burning users on ignition. Another notable safety feature found in some ceramic hobs is the integrated child lock.
  • Provide an excellent aesthetic: The smooth and sleek finish provides an excellent backdrop for your kitchen. The level surface gives you an ideal cooking space that caters to a range of different size cooking pots and pans.
  • Offer great communication: One of the greatest qualities that you will find in modern ceramic hobs is their clear and concise power on facility. The element that is located beneath the dark glass surface conveniently lights up when the cooker is turned on- providing useful communication to you, the user. This means that users will know precisely when the appliance is on and, crucially, whether it is hot.
  • Built for your convenience: Most ceramic hobs also come with numbered heat gauges that range from 1-6 – allowing users to comfortably control the powers source. Most of our ceramic hobs come coupled with an oven, extractors and overhead cooking lights to make your food preparation run smoothly.
  • Help with Hygiene: Ceramic hobs are much easier to clean than their gas counterparts because of their smooth surface and minimalistic design. As always, allow the hot plates to cool down before cleaning to allow for a safer procedure.


Where to find the best ceramic hobs online


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