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When fitting out your kitchen with new appliances, you may want to consider purchasing a range cooker. They offer plenty of benefits, including enhanced styled, expanded functionality and unmatched durability.

Range cookers are certainly more stylish than other types of cookers and hobs. In addition to featuring an eye-catching design with multiple knobs, compartments and zones, they are also available in a wide range of finishes. It is not uncommon to find a red, black, white or grey range cooker to suit the colour scheme of your kitichen. Some companies even manufacture purple, blue and green range cookers for households that want a splash of vibrancy in their kitchen.

Another benefit is that range cookers are built to last.  At Ship It Appliances, all of the cookers that we stock are guaranteed to perform to a high standard for years – but range cookers are some of the most heavy-duty appliances out there. If you find yourself balking at the price tag on a range cooker, remember that it is going to last a lifetime.

In fact,

Belling range cookers

are manufactured by small team who only work on one product at a time. This is the type of quality that you can count on from range cookers, as manufacturers take great care in ensuring these types of ovens last decades.

When it comes to functionality, range cookers are also superior to their peers. They come equipped with a wide range of functions and features that cater to all types of cuisines and chefs. With multiple ovens and grills, range ovens enable you to cook a feast in a flash. If you love cooking and strive for culinary perfection, then a range cooker is certainly ideal.

At Ship It Appliances, we stock as wide selection of CDA range cookers, as well as range cookers from reliable brands like Baumatic and Matrix. View our selection here.


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