Trend Alert – Glass Door Refrigerators

Posted by Ship It Appliances Ltd on 22nd Apr 2015

Glass door refrigerators are a new trend in kitchen decor and design. Merging functionality and style, they provide homeowners with plenty of unique benefits.

Use Your Food As Décor

With a glass door refrigerator, you’re putting your food on display. It is the kitchen appliance equivalent to having a fancy fruit bowl on your counters. Your food is always visible to you and your visitors, so you can play it up by arranging it in interesting ways. It certainly adds a fun and unique design feature to your kitchen.

Save Time and Energy

When you can’t decide what to eat, it is common practice to open the refrigerator door and stare at the contents of the appliance. In addition to wasting electricity by making your refrigerator work harder, it is also a time-waster. Since the contents of your refrigerator are always on display, you’ll always have an idea of what’s available to eat – so, you can make quicker decisions and get to eating faster!

Open Up The Room

Glass door refrigerators have the same effect as glass door cabinets, as they help to create the illusion extra space in the kitchen. They can help to make the room seem bigger and more open, making for a fantastic kitchen design feature. The refrigerator also adds more light to the room, as the glass door allows for the interior light to consistently illuminate the kitchen.

Should You Get A Glass Door Refrigerator?

If you’re a stickler for style, then the glass door refrigerator is a great idea for your kitchen. They make for a nice little design project that you can constantly tweak to suit your décor. However, we wouldn’t recommend it to homeowners that want a particularly low-maintenance appliance. It is certainly trickier to keep glass cleaner than stainless steel, and you will have ensure that the contents of the fridge are equally as appealing.

Image source via Urban Grace.

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