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Tidying the kitchen is an arduous task, especially when it comes to cleaning the oven. To help save valuable time and effort, consider a self-cleaning oven. There are several different models available, each offering a unique set of benefits.


Pyrolytic Self-Cleaning Ovens
Pyrolytic cleaning burns off grease and dirt from the inside of your oven at temperatures exceeding 500 degrees. It is included as a setting on pyrolytic self-cleaning oven models, and the process takes about 3 hours. Everything that has been cleaned from the oven accumulates at the bottom of the appliance as a pile of ash. You simply wipe it away, and the cleaning is done!

These types of ovens are also beneficial for a number of other reasons. Because they are so well-insulated, pyrolytic ovens also help you to save money on your household bills over time.

Catalytic Self-Cleaning Ovens
Catalytic cleaning is carried out using liners that are located along the interior walls of the oven. These liners absorb all of the grease that accumulates while you cook, and burns it off when the oven reaches high temperatures. It is important to remember that the liners should be replaced. This may be considered a downside, as catalytic ovens do incur additional costs every so often.

Steam Cleaning Ovens

Some newer models of ovens feature a steam cleaning setting, which offers a quick and effective clean. All you have to do is pour water into the bottom of the oven, and the appliance will turn it to steam to release grease from the walls and door. This process only takes about 20 minutes, so you can steam clean your oven regularly to maintain a shining appearance.



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