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When picking out new appliances for your kitchen, it can be difficult to decide which appliances will suit their decor. Ship It Appliances is here to help you pick out a style of cooker hood that will look great with the rest of your kitchen. 

Classic/Traditional Kitchens
Classic and traditional kitchens should aim for a more understated look. Chimney cooker hoods and curved glass cooker hoods would look best in these types of settings, as they blend in nicely with the décor. Thy do not take too much focus away from the classic look of the room. Visor and under-cabinet cooker hoods are also a good choice, if you prefer to keep your kitchen ventilation hidden.


Modern Kitchens
If your modern kitchen has a very minimalist look, it is best to seek out a cooker hood that will remain hidden. Downdraft cooker hoods are perfect for this, because they are only visible when they are in use. They rise out of the kitchen counter, perform their task, and then descend back down into the surface.

If you have a busier style of kitchen, then an eye-catching designer cooker hood is the best option. Flat glass cooker hoods and lantern-style cooker hoods will add a unique touch to your kitchen décor. In addition to ventilating your kitchen, they also act as a design feature that can complement modern art pieces in your home.  

Industrial Kitchens
Industrial kitchens are known for their sharp lines and steel surfaces. The perfect cooker hood for this look is one that ticks both of these boxes. Either a stainless steel chimney cooker hood or a linear cooker hood with blend in beautifully with an industrial kitchen décor.

Rustic Kitchens
‘Rustic’ is a new and trendy design theme in homes across the UK, and we are seeing plenty of homeowners design their kitchens in this style. If you have a classic rustic kitchen, then it is best to have a kitchen extractor that remains hidden – like a downdraft cooker hood or an under-cabinet cooker hood. This allows you to keep the focus on the wood or stone elements in your kitchen.

However, if you’re going for a more modern-rustic look, then you have plenty of options. You can go for an industrial-style linear cooker hood or even a curved glass cooker hood for a soft look.


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