Which Fridge Freezer Is Best For Me?

Keeping food fresh is a crucial aspect of modern life, and more people are investing in high quality fridge freezers to help preserve their groceries. Which fridge freezer would best suit your requirements?

What You Need To Know About Fridge Freezers Before Purchasing

Ship It Appliances offers a wide selection of fridge freezers. You can find compact 50/50 fridge freezers, which are ideal if you have smaller kitchen or simply want to save space, as well as large two door fridge freezers, which offer great benefits for maximum storage and convenience. Here are a few styles of fridge freezers we have available at Ship It Appliances:

Side by side- American style fridge-freezers are large and great for storing lots of food. With this fridge freezer, you can save additional car trips by storing more food in your fridge.

Two door- Available with an integrated combination of 50/50 or 70/30. Even though the fridge space might appear smaller, its design ensures maximisation of space through cooling technology and diverse storage solutions. The features of these fridge freezers include:

  • Frost free: this saves you time as you don’t have to defrost the freezer, and saves space.
  • Drawer for ice: some manufacturers offer a smartly installed ice drawer, which saves you additional space in your freezer and offers quick access to ice.
  • Four door- Four door fridge freezers are ideal for storing a variety of items with different temperatures (as it offers mechanical control system). At Ship It Appliances, you can find a four door CDA fridge freezer that is flexible enough to suit your needs, and even offers a handy ice cube compartment with a twist ice cube maker.

    Which Fridge Freezer To Choose

    When choosing the ideal fridge freezer for your kitchen, you should think about how much space you want it to take up and which functions you are looking for. All the fridge freezers we offer are stylishly designed, and keep food fresh 3 times longer compared to regular fridges. They also come with A+ energy ratings, which means that they are designed to work with minimum energy consumption.

    Still can’t decide? Experts at Ship It Appliances will be more than happy to help you choose the perfect fridge freezer for your kitchen. For more information please email us: sales@shipitappliances.com or call: 01623 625658

    21st Jan 2014 Ship It Appliances Ltd

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