Common cooker hood issues and how to fix them

Common cooker hood issues and how to fix them

A few common issues can arise with cooker hoods after prolonged use. We‘re going to run through some of the most common questions we get asked, so you can diagnose and hopefully fix any issues with your cooker hood yourself.

Cooker hoods are built to last for a long time, and if you run into problems with it early on in its life, then something is definitely amiss.

Your Cooker Hood’s Not Extracting

If you’ve noticed that your cooker hood doesn’t seem to be doing what it’s supposed to be doing - extracting - there are a couple things you need to check.

First of all, if your cooker hood is ducted outside, then you need to check that the airflow outside isn’t being blocked in any way. Head outside and check the air is being pulled through and the vent isn’t blocked in any way.

If you don’t see anything outside, then the most likely culprit is the motor. This isn’t something you should try and fix yourself - call a professional.

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Your Cooker Hood Smells

If your cooker hood’s giving off a bad smell, then it is doing the exact opposite of what it is supposed to - eliminating odours.

This is usually because of a dirty filter. You can be forgiven for forgetting to clean or replace your cooker hood filter. It’s generally out of sight and out of mind. However if your cooker hood is giving off a funky smell and your filter is looking a bit greasy and dirty, then that’s your first port of call.

Generally speaking, unless your filter is fabric, you can wash them by hand or in the dishwasher. Doing this once a month should prevent any bad smells from forming.

If the bad smell is coming from your ducting and your filters are clean, then the next most likely cause are pests. It’s extremely hard for small animals like mice or shrews to work their way into your ducting, but it’s not impossible. This is something to consider if nothing else is immediately obvious.

Your Cooker Hood Lights Won’t Turn On

This is a common cooker hood problem, but thankfully it’s an easy one to fix.

That said, cooker hood lightbulbs aren't as simple to change as regular lightbulbs - although you can do it yourself if you find the right bulb for your cooker hood.

Consult your manual if you’re stuck on which one to get and if you don’t fancy your DIY skills, a professional will be able to help out.

There are some measures you can take to prevent your cooker hood light from breaking, however.

First, note that cooker hood lights are intended only to be used when you need them. Sure, they might constitute the perfect ambient lighting for your kitchen, but the more you use it, the quicker it will fail.

Your Cooker Hood Controls Aren’t Working

This isn’t so common, but the electronic control module on your cooker hood may end up failing. If this happens, nine times out of ten it’s due to the age of the cooker hood.

Your best bet for this one is to call out a professional.

Your Cooker Hood is Making Lots of Noise

If your cooker hood is making much more noise than usual then you need to carry out the same measures that you would if you detect a bad smell or a problem with the airflow.

First, check the filter isn’t clogged. If it’s not, then you need to see if there’s anything restricting the airflow.

Note that if you’re having this problem with a brand-new cooker hood, you’ll need to check it was installed properly.

Hopefully this has addressed any issues you may be facing with your cooker hood. If your cooker hood is beyond repair then check out our Cooker Hoods section for great deals on extraction solutions in all shapes and sizes, to match any budget and interior.

Need help? Try our help pages: Choosing a cooker hood or buying guide. Or maybe cleaning is your thing? Try our handy cleaning guide. What are filters? Find out here. Do you have an issue with your cooker hood, try our trouble shooter.

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