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Recirculation Filters

    cooker hood is a must-have for any modern kitchen. Not only do they help keep your kitchen smelling fresh by removing smoke and odours from the air, but they reduce grease build-up and cut down on condensation, too.

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    SIA1 Cooker Hood Extractor Recirculation Filters CH/CHL/CP/AG/CPTE/CPE/CPTE

    £9.99 Incl VAT
    • CH/CHL61/71/91/101 Cooker Hoods
    • CP61/71/81/91/101/111 Cooker Hoods
    • AG61/71/91 Cooker Hoods
    • CPT61/91 / CPTE61 Cooker Hoods
    • CPE61/71/91/101 Cooker Hood

    SIA2 Cooker Hood Charcoal Filter CPL / FG / FGE / AGL / INT / V60 / AGE / AT / AGTE / CPLE / STV

    £9.99 Incl VAT
    • For SIA Cooker Hoods CPL61/71/81/91 & FG61/71/91
    • For SIA Cooker Hoods AGL61/71/91 & AGE61/71/91
    • For SIA Cooker Hoods V60/INT60/STV60
    • For SIA Cooker Hoods FGE61 & AT61/71/91
    • For SIA Cooker Hoods AGTE / AGL / CPLE

    SIA CO6 Cooker Hood Extractor Carbon Recirculation Filters

    £9.99 Incl VAT

    SIA CO9 Cooker Hood Extractor Carbon Recirculation Filters

    £9.99 Incl VAT
    • For SIA Models ISE71SS ISE91SS
    • For SIA Models LIN61SS LIN91SS
    • For Recirculation Purposes

    SIA1 Pack Of 4 Cooker Hood Extractor Recirculation Filters CH/CHL/CP/AG/CPT/CPE

    £26.99 Incl VAT
    • Pack of 4 SIA1 Filters
    • For SIA CP61/71/81/91/101/111 cooker hoods
    • For SIA CH/CHL61/71/91/101 cooker hoods
    • For SIA CPT61/91 – CPTE61 Cooker hoods
    • For SIA CPE61/71/91/101 – AG61/71/91 Cooker hoods

    SIA CO8 Cooker Hood Extractor Carbon Recirculation Filters

    £14.99 Incl VAT

    Cooker hoods come in two varieties: extractor hoods that vent air straight outside and recirculation hoods that absorb impurities in the air before recycling it back into the room. At Ship it Appliances, we have a selection of charcoal filters for various cooker hoods that will help to keep your kitchen smelling fresh – whatever you’ve got cooking on the stove.

    We stock filters for both CDA and SIA branded extractor fans at affordable prices. Manufacturers recommend that these filters be replaced a minimum of every 6-12 months, but check the user manual for your specific model to ensure you are replacing the filters to the correct schedule. Failure to replace the filters on time will significantly impair the functioning of the hood, causing air to circulate more slowly, and potentially causing greasy air to get released back into the kitchen.

    If you are not sure what type of filter you need, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us – we would be happy to give you any advice you need.