SIA2 Genuine Carbon Re-circulation Filter For SIA Cooker Hood Extractor Fans

SIA2 Genuine Carbon Re-circulation Filter For SIA Cooker Hood Extractor Fans

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  • For SIA Models AGL / AGE / AGTE / AT / BIE
  • For SIA Models CG / CGH / CHL / CPL / CPLE
  • For SIA Models EAG / FG / FGE / FL / INT / IEX
  • For SIA Models STV / STH50 / TSC / TSH / UC / VSR
  • For SIA Models AGTC60 / TAG60/90 / AH60/70/90
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The SIA2 is a carbon filter intended to be used with some SIA cooker hoods. Carbon filters are used to purify air as it is drawn into the appliance, before releasing it back into your kitchen. They typically last 4-6 months before needing to be replaced, depending on use.

Suitable Appliances

AGL61/71/91 * AGE61/71/91 * AGTE61/71/91 * AT61/71/91 * BIE60SI * INT60SS
CG61/71/91 *  CGH60/70/90/100/110 *  CPL61/71/91 * CPLE60/61/70/71/90/91/100
EAG61/71/91 * FG61/71/91 * FGE60/61 * FL60/61/70/71/90/91 * IEX40/60
STV60 * STH50 * TSC60 * TSH60 * UC52/70 * VSR60 * V50
CHL60/70/90/100 * TAG60/90 * AH60/70/90 * AGTC60

Fitting Instructions

To attach a new charcoal filter, first remove the grease filter(s).
Place charcoal filter on the centre motor and twist till locked in place.
Finally replace the grease filter(s).

Please note, these are made to fit the cooker hoods above, we cannot guarantee they will fit other extractors.

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