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 The washing machine is one of the most revolutionary labour-saving devices of the 20th century.  Since its popularisation just before the First World War, the technology has proven immensely successful – and you’ll now find one in virtually every household in the country.

Modern examples are able to do their work far more efficiently than those early models – which is just as well for homeowners looking to save on their utilities.  Let’s examine how much we might have to spend to keep our washers going – and how we can keep that number down.

How energy efficient is a washing machine?

Washing machines, like many other modern appliances, are rated on a lettered scale, with D being the worst and A+++ being the best.   If you’re buying a new machine today, you’ll find that the available options are typically rated A or above.

These ratings are arrived at based on a cotton cycle at 60°C with the machine’s maximum declared load, and calculated per kilogram of washing.  You therefore won’t need to consider how much is being washed – because that’s already been considered for you.

How many watts does a washing machine use?

This lettered scale might provide a useful means of comparing different machines at a glance, but you’ll need to also pay attention to the energy used, which you’ll find in the item description. Generally, speaking, an A++ machine will typically use around 1.2 kWh per cycle, while an ‘A’ rated machine will use around 1.5.  This averages out to around £67 per year compared to £85.  If you’re doing more washing than average, then this saving might be a significant one.

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How many gallons of water does a washing machine use per cycle?

Once upon a time, a washing machine could get through as much as 150 litres of water in a single cycle – which is about the same as the average person uses in an entire day.  This figure has steadily decreased over the years; the average modern washing machine uses around fifty litres – and some cutting edge models have reduced this number down to just six.

How can I save money on my laundry?

In order to decrease the amount of water and electricity you’re using for your wash, be sure to use a full load every time.  You’ll want to wash at a cooler temperature where possible – a wash at 30°C will use significantly less energy than a hotter wash.  Special washing powders and detergents are available now which are designed to get the best from cold washes – and so if you find that some stains won’t budge without more heat, consider making the switch to these detergents.

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