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What is a Range Cooker?

Range style cookers usually consists of two oven chambers, a grill, and a hob, all in one self-contained unit – but they’re not all created equal.

Range Cookers Explained

Range cookers got their name from the fact that they offer a range of cooking tools, all in a single unit. 

Units vary between brands and models, but as above, range cookers typically have two ovens, a grill, and a set of hobs. 

Fuel types vary, too. 

Hobs can be gas, electric, or induction. Range cookers with induction hobs tend to be at the top end in terms of price point.

Ovens and grills are typically electric.

The ovens in range cookers tend to be bigger than stand alone ovens – as well as having two, or sometimes even three separate compartments. The grill is typically in another separate compartment. This makes simultaneously cooking foods that require different methods or temperatures really easy.

range cooker in situ

Range Cookers: Pros and Cons

So why should you consider buying a range cooker? Range cookers definitely aren’t for everyone, but how do you know if they’re for you? We’ve weighed up the pros and cons so you don’t have to.

Range cookers are big

Range cookers are quite hefty units. They will often vary in size to suit different kitchens but a range cooker will always be bigger than a built-in oven. The added size is because they’re essentially three appliances in one. Great for big families, serial entertainers, or budding chefs.

Range cookers look fantastic

There are few appliances that are as eye catching as a range cooker. If you want a cooker that makes a statement, it has to be a range cooker.

Range cookers are versatile

Did we mention that range cookers are three appliances in one? Well, some feature even more appliances than that.

The basic range cooker will have an oven, a grill and a hob but others have warming drawers, storage compartments, bread proving drawers, griddles and other fantastic add-ons and features. 

Not only that, but some range cookers can heat your house, too. 

Range cookers are freestanding

This can be seen as both a pro and a con depending on how you feel about freestanding appliances. 

Range cookers will always be freestanding, which means you don’t have to work them into your existing cabinetry, and they’re reasonably easy to move around (though you may need to consider where your gas connection is).

So, what about the downsides to range cookers?

Range cookers are big

Okay so this was also a positive, but if you don’t have much space in your kitchen, then the size of a range cooker is probably a con.

Space is a luxury in lots of modern homes and if you’re strapped for kitchen real estate then a range cooker might not be the right appliance for you.

That said, consider that while it might take up a lot of space, it makes good use of it. Would a separate double oven, a grill, and a hob take up even more space? 

Range cookers are expensive

There’s no getting around the fact that range cookers will indeed set you back more than buying an oven. Even the most basic range cookers will normally cost in excess of £500. Top of the range models will easily exceed £2,000 – worth every penny for the sheer quality but for many, still a hard sum to swallow. 

Don’t be disheartened, though. If you’re having trouble justifying the cost, take a look at how much it would cost to buy the all elements of a range cooker separately. That can put things into perspective. 

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Types of Range Cooker

Range cookers are primarily classified according to their fuel type, which includes…

Gas range cookers

The hobs and ovens in these are both fuelled by gas. They’re cheap to run, plus gas hobs have fantastic response time when cooking. 

LPG gas range cookers

Some range cookers are compatible with LPG Gas. LPG Gas is often found in remote areas or chosen by homeowners who want a cleaner and more efficient energy source. 

Dual fuel range cookers

The most popular type of range cooker is the dual fuel range cooker. This combines the fast, powerful cooking of a gas hob with the consistent, even performance of fan-assisted electric ovens. 

Electric range cookers

This type of range cooker features an electric oven accompanied by an electric ceramic hob. Ceramic hobs have coils that are heated with electricity. They’re not as fast or responsive as gas hobs, but their ease of cleaning makes it worth the sacrifice in cooking time alone.

Induction range cookers

Induction range cookers combine a fast, responsive and energy efficient induction hob with an electric oven. Induction hobs use electromagnetic radiation to heat food, while offering speed and cooking power to rival that of gas hobs.

Range Cookers vs. Oven and Hob

The question we’ve all been waiting for: should you buy a range cooker or go for a separate oven and hob? We’ve had feedback from customers and trawled through forums to bring you our not-so-definitive answer…

It depends.

There’s no set consensus on whether a range cooker or a separate oven and hob is better. It pretty much comes down to your kitchen’s design and your personal preferences – i.e. cost, space, design and personal habits. 

The first thing you should figure out is how much you’d actually benefit from a range cooker. 

If you only cook oven pizzas and frozen chips, a whole range cooker would be pretty pointless. 

If you love to cook and need to be able to blast different dishes at different temperatures whilst grilling something and boiling vegetables, then you need a range cooker. 

From there, it’s purely a question of cost, space and kitchen design. Which is more cost-effective for your home? If a range cooker is more expensive to run (as it often will be), is the extra cost justified by the better appliance? Will it take up too much space? Will it fit into your kitchen’s design? These are the main questions to ask yourself.

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