How To Move A Fridge Freezer

Most of us have endured the stress of moving house at some point in our lives, but there are few things that prove to be more difficult than shifting a fridge freezer.

Having to work around narrow door frames, tight corners and other fixtures that get in the way. There are a number of useful tips and tricks that can make the process a whole lot easier and help you protect your home, appliance and you from damage.


The first step to moving a fridge freezer is to take measurements. When doing this, make sure you measure the appliance and then the dimensions of your exit route. If the fridge freezer is larger than a space that you plan to use, it could cause issues and even get stuck.

The next thing you should do before you start to move a fridge freezer is to prepare your route. This may involve covering any floors or carpets that could potentially be damaged. Plastic sheets are good for this, but make sure to secure them down so there are no potential accidents.

You should also protect areas that could get damaged if knocked. Things like walls, door frames and bannisters can be damaged easily when manoeuvring larger items, so it is always good to be cautious from the outset. Wrapping the appliance itself can also help, provided this will not compromise the available space you will be moving through.

Following that, execute the same preparations where the fridge freezer is going to be placed. If the space that you are expecting it to go into is not big enough or the appliance will not fit through the door, extra steps may need to be taken such as the removal of doors and frames. 


How To Carry A Fridge Freezer

Moving large and bulky items should always be considered a two person job at least, and you should not attempt to move one on your own due to risk of injury. One of the best methods to evenly distribute the weight of a heavy appliance is the high and low method.

  1. Tilt the fridge freezer backward and/or sideways so that it is at an angle
  2. One person should take the top of the appliance, grabbing the underneath edge.
  3. The second person should then lift the bottom of the appliance using the top edge, this will centre the weight and stop it from swinging about as you move.

As fridge freezers rely on a gas compressor to work, try and avoid too many rough movements whilst carrying.

An alternative carrying method would be to use moving and lifting straps, these go under the appliance and then over your shoulders and around your waist, taking the strain off your arms and back. They also allow free use of your hands.

Using shoulder straps to move an item up and down stairs can be tricky as all of the weight will shift completely to the downhill mover.

Alternative Ways To Move A Fridge Freezer

If carrying the fridge freezer just is not an option, you could try sliding it along the floor. This method can be particularly useful for extremely heavy items like American style fridge freezers. It is not recommended to just drag it across your floors, you should create your own sliders.

If it is to be moved across a wooden or laminate floor, simply take four frisbees or old plastic lids, attach either a piece of old carpet or towelling to the top side, and flip the frisbee carpet side down to protect the floor. You should have four of each for each foot of the fridge.

These will then go under each foot of the fridge, distributing the weight over a greater surface area and reducing the friction, making it easier to slide it with minimum effort and the least amount of damage. If it is to be moved across a carpet, just use the frisbees or lids without the attached fabric.

If creating your own sliders is not something that you want to do, simply use a larger, old piece of carpet that the fridge freezer can sit on. This will make it much easier to drag the appliance to where you want it to go.

Additional Tips For Making The Move Easier

If there are a number of steps in your house that you may need to go up and down as you move, create ramps using lumber or scaffold planks. This will make the journey smoother and eliminate sharp movements or a need to over exert yourself.

Secure any loose items before moving. This includes the shelving and drawers inside both the fridge and freezer, as any abnormal movements can cause these items to slide out of place, potentially causing damage. The power cable should also be secured before moving so as not to cause a trip hazard.

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