Schock Kitchen Fittings

Since 1979, Schock has pioneering kitchen sink designs with one goal in mind: to make life around the kitchen sink more beautiful, convenient and colourful. Schock is known for inventing the quartz composite sink, a durable and hygienic material that comes in a wide range of colours.

Schock Sinks From Ship It Appliances

Schock’s range of kitchen sinks are made using Cristalite®, a composite sink material of 70-75% of natural quartz sand and polymer materials. Giving a high resistance to scratching and stains like natural granite, whilst offering a more easy to clean surface that helps repel dirt as there are roughly 85% less natural pours for bacteria to build up in.

Think granite sinks are way outside the boundaries of your budget? Think again. Schock’s Cristalite® sinks offer the same look and feel as granite, at a fraction of the cost.

All of our Schock kitchen sinks sport a sleak, smooth and fully reversible design to fit into your dream kitchen. Our range of Schock kitchen sinks come in a wide variety of colours ranging from Nero Black, to Alpina While, to Croma Grey. No matter what your particular style is, we supply kitchen sinks to suit every kitchen.

As well as traditional single sink bowl layouts, we also supply Schock sinks that feature a smaller side waste bowl. The sinks feature a smaller basin with a wide drain that is especially useful for rinsing dishes and disposing of leftover food scraps.

Schock Taps From Ship It Appliances

Continuing on their promise to make kitchens more convenient, Schock also manufactures a range of intuitive mixer taps. If you’re looking for a tap that blends seamlessly into your sink, then look no further than Schock’s kitchen taps. All of Schock’s taps are made of rust resistant stainless steel, some taps boast a pull-out nozzle that has a variety of uses like washing away stubborn stains and washing vegetables.

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