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Wine Coolers


Love wine? Fitting a wine fridge in your kitchen will make life far more convenient (and they look great too!) Wine fridges allow you to proudly display the finest parts of your collection, while keeping it in perfect condition and ready to drink at a moment’s notice. Many models have flexible temperature controls so you can pick the perfect temperature for the type of wine you plan to serve, which means it’ll taste better than it would if it were kept in a standard fridge!


At Ship It Appliances, we have a selection of CDA wine fridges in different sizes, to accommodate both large and small collections. Whether you’re a wine enthusiast hoping to show off a large number of bottles, or someone with limited kitchen space who wants your best selection on hand at all times, we have a cooler that will suit your needs. Some of the smaller, sleeker wine fridges can fit into even the tightest of spaces, and will still chill enough bottles for a dinner party or an evening of entertaining. Choose from integrated or free standing wine coolers to suit the look and layout of your kitchen.


At Ship It Appliances, we stock only the best brands, and are proud to offer CDA’s products. We offer free delivery to 99% of the UK, as well as a robust guarantee. So, why not treat yourself to a stylish wine cooler to keep your collection in? It’s the perfect finishing touch for any wine lover’s kitchen, large or small.


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