Plinth Heaters

If you’re kitchen is too small to fit a conventional radiator, then a plinth heater is the best solution for bringing much welcomed to a cold kitchen.

What is a plinth heater and is it any good?

A plinth heater, sometimes known as a toe kick heater, is a compact heater designed to be fitted underneath cupboards at foot level. It features a switch which is sturdy enough to be flipped with your foot, saving you the effort of bending down to operate it.

Plinth heaters are a great way to make the most out of the space that might be in a small kitchen. They can either be standalone or hydronic (plumbed into your home water system) and can discreetly blend into your kitchen.

As soon as it has been switched on, the plinth heater immediately starts pouring out hot air. It features a grid over the mouth of the heater which doesn’t get scolding hot, making it safe to touch and safe to use in households with small children.

Warranty and Free UK Delivery On Plinth Heaters

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