Single Ovens

New Single Ovens In Built Or Built Under Styles

An oven is an everyday essential appliance for any household, allowing you to cook with ease in the company of your own home. 

Whether you are making a family meal, baking a cake or cooking up a culinary masterpiece of your own making you can make sure you do so in style with a new inbuilt or built under single oven from Ship It Appliances.

We offer a choice of built in single ovens and built under single ovens to suit all kitchens and budgets. All come with free delivery in standard, within a matter of days of your purchase.

If you need a larger oven for your kitchen, we also offer a range of double ovens.

Choose Your Ideal Colour

Our single ovens come in a variety of different colours including black, white and stainless steel. Our stainless steel ovens are ideal for neutral coloured kitchens, and are easy to keep clean.

Picking The Right Fuel Type

Single ovens come in 2 different fuel types, gas or electric. The most common fuel type is electric which is used in most smaller ovens and in flats and confined living spaces as they tend to be a lot safer to use than gas ovens.

Heavily residential areas such as flats or terraced housing will most likely have an electric supply without gas. 

If you need help finding out which fuel type you need for your new double oven then get in touch with our team of helpers today.

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