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Finding the perfect refrigerator, freezer or combination fridge freezer has never been easier. We have a wide range of refrigeration appliances to choose from below, including high-quality appliances from top, market-leading brands as well as our own brand, SIA. We developed our own appliances to offer the perfect balance between quality, affordability, and style.

Ranges, Brands and Styles

Choose from free-standing or integrated appliances to suit your kitchen. At Ship It Appliances, we provide a wide variety of fridge and freezer designs that can be easily integrated into your units to blend in with the layout of your kitchen without a hitch. Colours and finishes include black, white and stainless steel.

Our fridges, freezers and combination units run quietly and feature easy-to-use temperature controls, making them a reliable and convenient addition to any kitchen. Choose from compact models for smaller kitchens or large American-style fridges that are ideal for big families. Our fridge freezers range boats simple, instinctive design and reliable performance.

As well as fridges and freezers for household kitchens, we also stock standalone wine coolers that are perfect for bars and restaurants. Our affordable wine coolers are spacious, efficient and can be easily slot into any room or counter layout conveniently. They also feature easy-to-use temperature control and horizontal shelving, keeping any drinks chilled and preventing wine from corking.

In addition to our standalone refrigerator range, we offer spacious fridge freezers that are perfect for large families.We also stock compact, space-saving models that still offer plenty of room for chilling or freezing food. Choose from countertop models, standard-size, free-standing freezers, and integrated, slim-line designs that maximise under-counter space.

Energy Efficiency at Ship It Appliances

In the interest of keeping running costs low and your carbon footprint as small as possible, we only stock highly energy efficient appliances. All of our SIA appliances come with a five-year parts and two-year labour warranty.

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