Benefits of Reginoxs Regi-Color Sink

Last month, Reginox launched its new Regi-Color kitchen sink range in the United Kingdom. This debut is a milestone for UK homeowners, as it is the first time that coloured stainless steel sinks are available for purchase. Coloured stainless steel offers homeowners a wide range of benefits, such as:


When it comes to buying a new kitchen sink, stainless steel tends to be the most affordable material. While they are available in a wide range of formats and sizes, they tend not to be particularly stylish or unique. If you want something with a bit more pizzazz, you usually have to look at more expensive granite and composite sinks. However, Regi-Color models allow you to add a touch of chicness to your kitchen counters without having to spend hundreds of pounds.


Stainless steel is a very hard-wearing material, which makes it ideal for kitchens. It can withstand high temperatures and heavy impact, and you can count on this material to be resistant to chipping and staining over time. As such, Reginox Regi-Color sinks will maintain their beautiful looks for years to come.


Since Regi-Color coloured stainless steel sinks from Reginox are available in a wide range of colours, you will certainly be able to find a model that suits your kitchen décor. Beige, black and white kitchen sink models are available, so you can pick out a shade that will complement the colour of your counters, cabinets and other kitchen appliances. They are also available in a wide range of sizes, so you can choose a model that perfectly suits the needs of your household.

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12th Jun 2015 Ship It Appliances Ltd

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