Posted by Ship It Appliances Ltd on 24th Dec 2015

Kitchens are an odd thing.

Trends in kitchens change surprisingly fast considering their functional nature. Following design trends can be a dangerous thing: you risk your kitchen going out of fashion quicker than you expect.

There are certain trends that have staying power and ensure that your kitchen will be in style for years to come. Today we take a look at 4 of these trends.


Small appliances are popular amongst millennials and retirees above others – and, they have practical advantages for kitchens in any home, whatever the size. They are typically perfect for micro kitchens. Micro kitchens are arecent phenomena, popularwith returning children and elderly relatives who move to live with other family members. By combining small appliances, you can create an entire functional micro kitchen in a small 6 foot space.


Instead of one hulking monolithic fridge, several smaller fridge units have become popular options. These smaller fridges are ideally fitted into a kitchen island, allowing for a lot more space on the outer edge of your kitchen. This can help spread out your produce and prioritise it.


LED lighting is a recently new trend, with LED ribbons appearing in various places throughout kitchens. Due to their low power need, LEDs are a cost effective way of providing extra light to your kitchen spaces: the inside of cabinets, toe kicks, under cabinets and around certain appliances. You can fit LEDs anywhere in your kitchen. Along with their efficient energy use, LEDs emit little heat – you can keep them switched on indefinitely without causing damage to your cabinets.


Many designers will tell you contemporary is the fastest growing kitchen style, and while this is often the case, it can result in a very cold style, unless designed carefully. Contemporary styles encourage a low level of clutter which can be easier to maintain. For these reasons we recommend a transitional style. This will combine elements of both traditional and contemporary and make the best use of each.

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