Energy Efficiency Laundry Tips

Posted by Ship It Appliances Ltd on 16th Apr 2014

Energy efficiency isn’t just a buzzword. It is possible to significantly reduce energy waste by performing everyday tasks in your kitchen, such as doing the laundry. There are plenty of energy efficient washing machine models, which can also save you money over time.

Energy labels usually only take into consideration the power consumption of washing machines. So, it is important to take note of the amount of water that a washer uses. While the most efficient washers use less than 40 litres of water per cycle, washing machines that use 40 – 50 litres per cycle also have top energy efficiency ratings.

For example, the Baumatic BFWM1407W washer uses just 45 litres of water per cycle and it has an A++ energy efficiency rating. This particular washer is also equipped with the Flexi-Eco Wash setting, which cuts 20 minutes off washing time to help save water and electricity.

When it comes to being energy efficient, you don’t have to leave it up to the washer entirely. There are several things that you can do to help save water and electricity when doing the laundry. For example, be sure to wash full loads. When you fill your washing machine with only a few items, you are not getting the most value from the water and energy that it takes to wash a load of laundry.

If it takes the members of your household quite a while to accumulate enough laundry for a full load, you may want to consider a washing machine with a smaller. It may seem like a backwards approach, but it will save energy, water and money in the long run. The CDA CI325 Integrated Built in Washing Machine washes loads up to 6kg, which is perfect for small families and singles.

Another useful energy-saving tip is to wash your laundry on lower temperatures. By reducing the temperature from 30 degrees to 40 degrees, you can potentially save hundreds per year on your water and energy bills. It is only necessary to wash clothes with water hotter than 60 degree if your clothing has been heavily-soiled or if the items were soiled due to illness. High temperatures are also required for any items that have been soiled by bodily fluids, such as medical uniforms or reusable diapers. 

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