Posted by Ship It Appliances Ltd on 9th Sep 2015

White is an under appreciated blank canvas that can be kept all year round. White minimalist kitchen designs are becoming more and more popular and with this rise in popularity, comes various new ways of making this open white space a little more interesting. And while this white is perfect and its own for many people, others may like to use it as a base for other minimalist twists.

Black, being whites natural antithesis, is a perfect choice for highlighting a white space. Whether it be as small as simply using black handles on your white cabinets or as large as having black titled floor with white walls, the contrast will create an interesting visual depth.

Your white canvas and black definition will be a perfect base for some interesting splashes of colour. Many of us in this day and age, display crockery around our kitchen and this is a perfect way of introducing colour. We all have those colourful bowls and plates amongst our collection, why not try displaying them against the white of your walls and highlighting them with the black of your trimmings.

You could consider maybe have black shelves against white walls and adorning those shelves with colourful bowls and plates. The two tone framing can make the colours even more vibrant.

A feature wall could also lend a nice twist to your otherwise white kitchen. You could have a simply black and white pattern or something more colourful, either way, it will offset with the white. 

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