Kitchen Appliance Insurance Guide

Posted by Ship It Appliances Ltd on 14th Mar 2015

When a kitchen appliance breaks down, it can be a costly misfortune. While all SIA kitchen appliances come with a five year warranty, home appliance insurance may be able to save you money on repairs and replacements further down the line.

What Is Appliance Insurance?

Should your oven, refrigerator, washing machine or any other kitchen appliance in your home breaks down, the cost of repair can be steep. The cost of parts and labour from a professional can add up quickly. There is even the possibility that your appliance can’t be saved – and, you will need to purchase a replacement.

In both of these situations, home appliance insurance will have you covered.

Benefits of Appliance Insurance

Appliance insurance is also beneficial because it can cover accidental damage. When you purchase an extended warranty, you may not be able to receive a repair or replacement for free if it was damaged due to an accident. With insurance, you can rest assured that your kitchen appliances will be covered regardless of how they are damaged.

Another benefit of appliance insurance is that it can vary in cost, depending on the provider. So, you will certainly be able to find a policy that will suit your budget. You can shop around and use comparison sites to find the best appliance insurance deals available.

Do You Need Appliance Insurance?

Homeowners should certainly look into appliance insurance. It covers multiple appliances, and will save you money in the long term.

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