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Summer is the time of year when comfort eating ends. To get the members of your household eating healthier foods, there are many ways in which your kitchen appliances can help!

 Steam Ovens
Steam ovens are a relatively new innovative that allow you to cook entire meals with steam. When steaming vegetables, meat and other ingredients, they retain their flavours. This means that there is less need for salt, seasoning and sauces – helping you cut back on additional calories.

Another great benefit of steam ovens is that they cook food more quickly. You can roast a chicken in a steam oven in about 30 minutes – whereas it would take up to two hours in a conventional oven. Since you can prepare entire meals in a steam oven, they also result in significant energy savings.

Microwave Grills or Grill Ovens
Grilling food is a very popular way to eliminate saturated fat from food while cooking. You don’t need to barbeque your food or purchase an additional countertop ‘health grill’; simply ensure that you make use of the grill functions on your microwave or oven. When you grill foods like bacon or mince beef, always use a grill tray. This allows the fat to drain from the food for leaner and healthier meals.  

Your freezer doesn’t have to be used solely for storing frozen chips and ice lollies. It can be a very useful tool in encouraging healthy eating habits. Many dieters argue that eating healthy can be very time consuming, and this issue can be solved by storing ready-cooked meals in your freezer.

You can use plastic containers to store individual servings of stews, soups, pasta bakes and casseroles. Then, when you’re hungry, simply select the meal of your choosing and pop it in the oven for 30 minutes. There’s no need to microwave an unhealthy ready-meal or order a takeaway!


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