Prep Your Kitchen For A World Cup Party

The World Cup is underway, and it is a time for excitement and cheer among sports fans around the world. While you’ll likely be spending most of your time watching matches at the pub, you’ll most certainly want to enjoy a night in occasionally. So, why not host your own World Cup party?

Decide on a theme

There are plenty of themes to choose from. You could go for a National Pride theme that focuses on England’s team, or a general World Cup theme to celebrate all teams competing. Brazilian Carnival is also a popular theme for World Cup parties this year.

You don’t have to spend too much time and effort decorating. Hang some flags, and you’re done – your guests will be more focused on the game than the décor. What will really pull the theme together is the type of food and drinks you have to offer.

Keep the snacks coming

Your guests will certainly be peckish, and you don’t want to spend too much time in the kitchen preparing food. So, we suggest dishes that are quick and easy to cook in the microwave. This doesn’t mean purchase frozen appetizers from Tesco. There are plenty of great recipes for appetizers that can be cooked from scratch in your microwave grill. We are particularly fond of Betty Crocker’s Bean and Bacon Fiesta Dip, which would certainly fit a spicy Carnival theme:

Keep cold drinks flowing

Trying to supply drinks that correlate with your theme. If you’re going for a Brazilian carnival theme, seek out some Caipirinha to make authentic cocktails. Local shops will also be likely to stock Brazilian beers like Brahma.

If you’re going for a general World Cup theme, you can supply plenty of beers from the 16 nations playing.Here are some examples:

– Netherlands: Grolsch, Amstel, Heineken
– Mexico: Modelo, Corona, XX
– Spain: Estrella
– Japan: Asahi, Sapporo
– England: Boddington’s, Tetley’s, Newcastle

Now is the ideal time to have a beer dispenser in your kitchen. Depending on the size of your party, you can fit our CDA BVB4SS with 10L, 30L and 50L kegs. It is also convenient for busy parties because it cools the beer in the dispenser. You don’t have to worry about chilling the keg prior to connecting it.

If your friends prefer bottled beer and there simply isn’t enough space in the fridge, your wine cooler can also double as a beer fridge for the night. It will keep your bottles cool throughout the party, at the perfect drinking temperature.

11th Jun 2014 Ship It Appliances Ltd

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