Spacious Kitchen = Happy Family

What makes a happy home?

A research project commissioned by Origins aims to answer this age-old question. Interviewing 2000 families across the United Kingdom, the research team developed a list of 50 things people attribute to happiness in their homes.

Many of these domestic bliss tips revolved around kitchens, including:

  • All eating together
  • Cooking with the children
  • A large kitchen
  • Having a dishwasher
  • A spacious kitchen
  • Having a tumble dryer

Most of the kitchen-related items are meant to make life easier for homeowners. Having a dishwasher and tumble dryer help to save valuable time when doing household chores, allowing homeowners more time to spend with their families or enjoy their free time. Investing in these kitchen appliances is certainly a small price to pay in order to improve the happiness of your home.

Large and spacious kitchens also help to make a happier home because they allow families to cook together. Even if your kitchen is quite small, there are ways to save space in order to make more room for the whole family. These include: buying compact white goods and installing built-in appliances. For more space-saving tips, browse our blog.

“It’s nice to see that eating together is still seen as the biggest sign of family bonding and a significant part of what people say makes a happy home,” says Andrew Halsall, Managing Director at Origins.

To read the full list of 50 Tips for Domestic Bliss, visit:

Photo source:“Family jump by Evil Erin, on Flickr”

18th Mar 2015 Ship It Appliances Ltd

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