Wallpaper is one of the easiest, quickest and cheapest ways to freshen any room in your home, and while Wallpaper did see a decline not too long ago, its popularity has been reignited. While wallpaper has been and still is a common place feature in homes all over the country, there is one room that many people seem to avoid papering, the Kitchen.

Kitchens are as important as any other room in your home and like any other room in your home, a kitchen can be spruced up with wallpaper. If your considering wallpaper for you kitchen but your not sure if your ready to make the commitment, there are several steps you can take to test the design waters.

The first step would to be trying a feature wall. What is a feature wall? A feature wall is simply a wall that is design differently to the rest of the walls in the room in terms of its decoration, if your walls are all painted one colour, you could create a feature wall by painting one of them to stand out, and this is also where you could start using wallpaper in your kitchen. The cool thing about a feature wall is that if you change your mind regarding what paper or style you want, you only have to replace one wall and not the whole room.

The obvious progression is to move up to the whole room. The two most obvious ways of doing this would to either paper the whole room in one style or again have a feature wall using 3 walls of one paper and a fourth wall of a different paper.

One thing to consider with wallpaper is that if your using it for a backsplash, its advisable to put clear acrylic or glass over that particular segment of paper to protect it from the ware and tear it will otherwise suffer.

In terms of colour and style, there is a lot less restriction than you might thing. There is no reason to limit yourself in anyway, its down to your preferred style. There are paper styles to suit all preferences, whether it be traditional or contemporary and everything in between.

24th Sep 2015 Ship It Appliances Ltd

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