Combination Microwaves

Flexible Cooking

Modern life is busy. Appliances such as combination microwaves can help to ease some of the stresses of day to day life by combining quick and flexible cooking functionalities.

Combination microwaves incorporate a wide range of cooking styles including microwaving, grilling and convection cooking. You can also combine cooking styles simultaneously for your most flexible microwave yet. 

Heat, roast, crisp and brown.

Choosing Your Ideal Colour

You want your home to look it’s best. Kitchen appliances can play a huge role in the aesthetic of your kitchen. Here at Ship It, we offer only the highest quality appliances at affordable prices. Find a combination microwave to fit seamlessly into your kitchen design.

The Benefits of a Combination Microwaves 

Combination microwaves boast a wide range of benefits over standard microwave ovens. Not only do they offer super flexible cooking, they tend to come with pre-set auto cook functions for simple use and perfect meals every time.

Due to their compact size combination microwaves are often much quicker than conventional ovens. This makes them a great option if you are in a rush. Their size also means that they can be used in place of a conventional oven if space is limited.

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