Oven Symbols Explained

On the front of any oven, you’ll find a range of different symbols that represent different functions. Thankfully, these symbols tend to be fairly universal. With that in mind, let’s briefly run through the various symbols you might find on the front panel of your oven.

What Does The Fan Mean?

A fan-assisted oven is one which contains, as you might expect, a fan. The fan’s role is to circulate warm air around the inside of the compartment, ensuring that the temperature inside the oven remains as even as possible. Given that warm air rises, it’s necessary for a fan to create turbulence, spreading it around and ensuring that your food is as hot at the top as it is at the bottom. This will cause your food to cook far more rapidly, so you’ll want to reduce the temperature by around 20°C to ensure even cooking.

What Does The Encircled Fan Mean?

A true fan oven is one where the heating element encircles the fan itself. The entire assembly is usually housed in a separate compartment, with air being sucked out of the main chamber through one hole, and then pushed back in via a series of others. This is especially useful for cooking two types of food at once without the flavours affecting each other.

What Does The Two Lines Mean?

At the top and bottom of a traditional oven you’ll find two heating elements, conveyed by lines at the top and bottom of a square. In some cases, your oven will allow you to use just one of these elements at a time, in which case only one line will be present. For example, if you’re cooking something on a low temperature, like a casserole, you likely won’t need the help of the top element.

What Does The Jagged Line Mean?

The jagged line at the top of a box refers to the grill at the top of your oven. In some instances, you’ll be able to activate the grill alongside other parts of the oven. With a fan for example, you’ll be able to simulate the effect of a rotisserie when cooking meat.

What Does The Light Bulb Mean?

The light bulb, as you might imagine, turns the oven’s internal light bulb on. In many ovens, you’ll be able to turn it on separately, allowing you to see what you’re doing when, say, you’re cleaning the oven.

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